Outlaw Run Construction Tour

Check out this 18 minute video of Outlaw Run with the Maintenance and Construction Supervisor at Silver Dollar City, Richard Bittle.  It is an awesome behind the scenes look at one of the most exciting new rides of 2013.

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Gate Keeper Construction Site Tour: Track on Site

From Cedar Point

GateKeeper construction at Cedar Point is continuing its brisk pace, with track appearing on site and many footers already in place.  Check out several recent photos over at WKYC.

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Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City Train Renders

Silver Dollar City has posted a new update showing off schematics of the train cars for their new roller coaster, Outlaw Run.  Just like the New Texas Giant, the cars look awesome and well themed.  I can’t wait to see the trains for RMC’s other project, Iron Rattler.

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Gold Striker at California’s Great America Construction Update

The new Great Coasters International wooden coaster at California’s Great America is making good progress.  Check out the update over at the Au 13 Construction Watch blog.

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La Vibora at Six Flags Over Texas With New Paint

The folks over at Baynum Painting have just posted some new pictures of their repainting progress on La Vibora.  The ride is looking great!  Glad to see Six Flags continueing to invest in their existing attractions.

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Hades Changes Coming for 2013

It looks like the Hades roller coaster at Mount Olympus Water & Theme Park will be getting something special for 2013.  Guesses are all over the map, from new trains, backwards operation, or retracking.  Anyone have any ideas?  Personally I’d like to see them put some money into returning Zues to its former glory.

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Universal Studios Florida Construction

ThemeParks.us has some new photos showing off the frantic construction progress at Universal Studios Florida.  The rumored Transformers ride now has a layer of floor and the rumored Gringotts Bank coaster building continues to grow.

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Lex Luthor Drop of Doom Finishing Touches

Lex Luthor Drop of Doom is finally nearing its opening date of July 7th (It was supposed to open last week).  The queue building appears to be themed well and the top of the gondolas have received an interesting spiked shield.  Check out the progress over at The Coaster Guy.

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Possible Inverting “Wooden” Coaster for 2013?

The folks at Rocky Mountain Construction have been known to push the envelope, but what they are attempting at Silver Dollar City is bound to turn some heads.  We may be about to witness the first zero-g roll on a “wooden” coaster.  Wooden in quotes because the actual track is steel, but being upside down in the wooden structure should be an intense experience.  Check out the pictures over at MidwestInfoGuide.com.

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Superman Ultimate Flight Ad Shoot Video

Some early riders of Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:

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